Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there who either have MS or who's loved one has multiple sclerosis. Even with a condition like this, you can still find ways to celebrate the little holidays. If you have MS, make this a day where you let others pamper you. You deserve it.

When you don't feel well a majority of the time, being a mom can be so difficult. Your child or children's needs can be very demanding of the little energy you possess. This is when you must make use of loved ones, family, and friends who are available to help. It's easy to say, "oh no, that's okay, I can do it myself".

Even when you know you can't do it all. You do and should take advantage of any help you can get. Healthy mom's can use a break every once in awhile. With a disability or even if you only have mild symptoms with your MS, when help is offered, take it. Or learn to ask for it when you need it.

Happy Mother's Day!

A Happy Mother's Day can be your special day

You probably have a spouse, partner, or family members, who will give you a special treat on this day. If they don't surprise or offer one, ask. Here are a few suggestions and hints to put out there to make this day one to remember.

  • breakfast in bed
  • a foot rub and pedicure
  • a manicure
  • brunch prepared and shared with family
  • dinner in or out
  • a gift massage
  • a gift of free babysitting
  • a gift of a free meal
  • a gift of a spa day

These are just a few suggestions that would be nice, along with the wonderful card, the box of chocolates, and the beautiful flower bouquet, of course. Oh and jewelry is always nice if that's something you like. 

Knowing that you have something to look forward to, like a special meal that you don't need to prepare or clean up after, is extra nice. And if you get to choose the day, that will make it all the more meaningful. So get the word out so you'll be sure to have a Happy Mother's Day, if not this year, next year will be here in 364 days. ;)

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