Family Support!!

by Melissa
(Shelby, Montana USA)

My name is Melissa, I was diagnosed with RRMS.I was 9 yrs old when I was diagnosed I am now 34 with 3 children and it seems to be catchin' up with me!! I'm scared and lost on what to tell my 3 yr. old why I have problems with my balance, walking, laundry, ect... My oldest daughter is 15 and no child should feel like they need to take care of their mom!!

I'm super worried bout starting another new medicine,(Tysabri) if you have any info on it please let me know it's hard to explain to my children why I can't play hide-n-seek or race or even go for a walk. Some people think that since I was diagnosed young it was like a curse on my childhood...

I'm so very glad I had my parents to help me learn, not only to deal with it, but also their strong support and research (my mom) did to help me as a child deal with devastating news!! Everyday I'm with my family and friends is truly a blessing from God!!!

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Sep 15, 2013
You can do this!
by: Anonymous

Wow! I am impressed that you have gotten so far. I think that you just need to be honest with your children. With your youngest, use basic language to explain that mommy is sick and can't do a) b) or c) right now but maybe later or maybe a modified version. With the older one the conversation needs to be as honest as possible. My daughter still forgets my limitations sometimes or gets frustrated so I'll take her when I have to get infusions to show her that I am not "faking". Thankfully I have started tecfidera and have not had a flare in nine months, the longest ever! You can do this!!

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