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by Evelia Torres
(Camden, NJ USA)

Montel, I would like to know the difference between this blender and your new blender. See, I also have MS and I really take your advice on a lot of things because you can relate to all the things I go through dealing with MS.

See, a lot of family and friends try to relate but they just can't understand the things I go thru with this disease. I was diagnose 2yrs ago and at this time I'm okay besides the pain and fatigue.

I try to follow your suggestions to avoid me getting worse. I can't afford all these machines that you sponsor so help me in regard to picking the right machine for me. I would really appreciate you answering this question.


Evelia Torres


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Jan 06, 2010
by: Jane D.

Hello-There's a possibility you wrote as if to Montel to illustrate the difficulty we with MS have in relating to others who just can't possibly understand what it's like to experience MS, unless they too have it. How true! It's all the millions of small and large things during the course of a day that add up.

It's the aloneness in knowing you're not like most other people and never will be. It's the uncertainty most people don't have to think about on what their future holds tomorrow, or next month, or next year. Yep, we're different than most.

That's a good reason to hang out around here with people who do understand, people who live with what you do...people who need the same kind of blender.

Welcome! How nice to have another of our own. Do you have any specific questions? We care.

Jane and all

Jan 04, 2010
About Montel's Blender
by: Akrista

Hi Evelia,

Thanks so much for your question. Although we would love to answer it, I must let you know that we are not Montel Williams. This is not his website.

We do talk about him on our Famous People with Multiple Sclerosis page. And we also talk about his smoothie recipe here, and here that he uses to help manage his MS symptoms. That however, is as far as it goes.

About the blenders, you can find them on Montel's website - www.montelwilliams.com - and here is the difference as far as I'm familiar with them.

We have the Vitamix, which is more than a blender as you probably know. It is the one that Montel recommended and used before making the one he now uses. We learned from the people at Vita-mix that he once owned 3 or 4 of them.

I'm pretty sure you can still purchase it on a 3 payment plan, which is what we did. You can find out a little more about it here on our affiliate page.

His machine, which you can find on his website is called the Healthmaster. It is basically made the same way, possibly a little smaller, but not sure on this. It does basically the same things as the Vitamix and is made pretty much the same as well.

The only difference as far as I can see is in the price. Montel's Healthmaster is around $200 and Vitamix is from $400 - $600. You can also pay for it in installments of about $30.00 (you'll have to call them and make sure about this though).

As I said earlier, this is not Montel's website. And we aren't affiliated with him in anyway. We do think he's a great person though. We talk about his book and how he has persevered while living with multiple sclerosis.

Hopefully this has helped to answer your question. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Cir and Akrista

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