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Dancer with MS

by Ashley

I have been training to become a professional dancer since the age of 3. When all the other little girls were growing out of the "mommy is making me take ballet" phase, I only grew more intense. By the time I was 6, I was taking multiple dance classes a week. Dance became my life. I gave up a "normal" life and dedicated my existence to dance.

Now, here I am at age 22. I suffered from serious health issues (unrelated to MS) for about 4 years. It put schooling on hold for me and slowed down my dancing, but I never stopped. After having gall bladder surgery, finding out I have Celiac's disease and a few other things, I thought I had a grasp on life and could move on. I began dancing intensely yet again and planned on starting to audition for some dance companies.

That was once again put on hold due to weird symptoms. Numbness and tingling were a constant, but for a good month I lost feeling in most of my body. My balance was way off as well which was that hardest for me to deal with. Mainly because I was muscling through all these feelings and remained training and performing. Finally I went to see a neurologist and after the routine testing, found out I have MS.

Now, I'm learning how to manage, but the one thing I promised myself the day I found out I have MS was that I would never stop dancing. I continue to dance every day. Some days are harder than others but I don't believe in giving up. I put myself in the mind set that I may have MS, but that doesn't define me. If anything, this disease has given me courage and strength. I want to be able to help others that have a hard time dealing by giving them hope.

I'll end this with one of my favorite quotes

"Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible"

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Jan 15, 2017
Im a dancer too
by: Greylone

I have been dancing my whole life too. As an adult, I am a Fire dancer with the Rennaissance Faires locally, a competitive Irish Dancer at the preliminary level competing at regionals 4 times and a ballerina.

Then there was MS..... I am piecing my life back together but its just not the same. So now I choreograph for Irish Dance and I still do ballet. My dance teacher is amazing. She changes choreography so if I'm having a bad day, I can still perform.

Now my Irish Dance teacher and Mentor is struggling with a diagnosis of possible MS. She is in the angry and hopeless phase. I'm not far past that. We are there for each other. We both have a good support system.

I still dream of what I lost, so now I always tell somebody the good parts of the day. It helps. Like, I can't Irish dance, but I can choreograph and my dances will still be on stage. I do what I can, I'm building on every day. Keep dancing!

Feb 22, 2011
Inspirational Story!
by: Akrista

My goodness, Ashley! What an inspirational story. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. So many times, MSers let MS "define" who they are.

You show others how you continued doing what you love, in spite of having to deal with the issues of an unpredictable disease like MS. And on top of that you have Celiac's disease.

I know that your story can, and will, help others to do as much as they can. Thanks again for sharing!


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