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Copaxone Injection Site Tips

You wanted some Copaxone Injection Site Tips, so here they are. Hope they help. Cir had several things in his toolbox for dealing with his injection sites while on the treatment several years ago.

Reaction to the injection

Each day he would take the shot in a different place, similar to how diabetics take insulin shots. Sometimes there was an injection site reaction.

copaxone injection

He would put a little vitamin E ointment on the site - very lightly though. With subcutaneous (injections under the skin), you shouldn't rub the injection site immediately after taking the shot and I think that's been updated to 24 hours. This is to avoid disturbing the medicine being distributed correctly. Sometimes Cir would wait until the next day to use the vitamin E, so he was right on the ball with that tip.

Immediately before the injection, others have suggested using ice on the site before giving yourself the injection. You put an ice pack or bag of peas on the site for a few minutes to numb the area. Use the alcohol wipe, then proceed with the shot.

"I sense something here..."

Are you a Trekkie? You may remember that statement from from "Voyager". If not, well, that's okay, too.

Cir almost always had an immediate reaction to the injections. A slight burning sensation that spread slowly from the site and outward to the surrounding area. As the medicine spread and went throughout his body, the sensation would go away.

Occasionally a large red lump would appear after taking the injection. The next day the redness disappeared. In its place was a hard lump. I noticed this when the medicine went in too quickly. If the syringe was pushed down slowly enough, I hardly ever noticed a lump.

At this point (the next day), you can massage the lump and rub on vitamin e ointment if it's still sore. Ice can also be used if there is still swelling.

Here is a helpful video playlist with suggestions for dealing with copaxone injections that I found. There are 36 videos here, and many have helpful tips to share. 

Copaxone injection site videos

I hope these help. Take an afternoon, grab you favorite beverage, get comfortable, and watch a few, several, or all of them, if you have the time. Hopefully you will pick up some useful tips that will make your Copaxone journey an easy one.

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