chronic pain for 10 years

(P O BOX 250623 BROOLYN NY 11225)

Hi Montel, how are you I'm so happy for you by getting a good treatment so you don't have to take those drugs you used to take. My name is Gerda. I live in NY state. I watch you on Dr OZ show talking about your illness. I cry that day when you started cry because I know what you going through because I'm going through the same thing. I have a Dorsal Stimulator in my spine for pain. I'm on FENTANYL patch plus taking Dilaudid pill. I'm still suffering. I had the device on March 2009. It give a relief for one year after that it stop working the way it used to be. I had an injure in my job in 2002. I been suffering since then. I had three surgeries in my right shoulder. I got workers comp from my job but I want to go try Cannabis some place but workers compensation will not pay for it but they will pay for drugs only. Can you please help me Montel?

I know you know what I'm going through. I try to take my life three times because I'm tired of that horrible pain please write me back. My email is GFERNANDEZ22@YAHOO.COM PLEASE Montel I cry for help. My diagnosis is RSD PLUS OTHERS.

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