Central Nervous System

Central Nervous System

  • Central Nervous System:

- sometimes referred to as the CNS. This is the part of the nervous system which includes the brain, optic nerves, and spinal cord. This is the part of the nervous system affected by MS.

The CNS is such an important part of the human body. It's the reason you are able to do what you do. It literally translates your thoughts into actions. When something goes wrong in any part of this intricate system, the results can be devastating.

On the outside, the brain is protected by the skull or cranium. The spine protects the spinal cord. On the inside the brain is protected by the blood-brain barrier. This normally keeps things out of the brain that don't belong there.

MS, which is a disease of the CNS, causes the nerves in the brain to come under attack. They become damaged by demyelination. There are so many areas in the body that can possibly be affected by the damage. That is why there are so many different symptoms common to MS.

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If you've been out of school for awhile, I sure hope this little explanation helped to refresh your memory a little about the the nervous system - what actually happens when this vital system doesn't work correctly. When it's healthy, it performs excellently. The damage from multiple sclerosis can cause so many things to go wrong.

Each person can develop a completely different set of symptoms. From the first time they begin to experience them and throughout the course of the disease as it progresses. There are some symptoms that are very common to most people with MS. And there are some that only a few with MS will have. 

It all depends on where the lesions are located in the brain. The location determines not only what type of symptoms you might have, where in your body you have them, but also the degree of disability you might also experience. If researchers could tell exactly what will happen and why it happens, then the mystery of MS would soon be solved.

Unfortunately, though they are getting closer, they still can't solve the mystery of multiple sclerosis. When studies finally reveal what happens, this will be a huge step in the treatment and elimination of this debilitating disease. I say go for it, guys! MSers are waiting for a cure.

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