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Bee Venom Therapy or if you've come from part 1....

Bee Sting Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

Bee Venom Therapy is the second part of an article on Bee Sting Treatment for MS. If you've come here first and would like to read Part 1, click here.

A few good things

We did come away from the experience with a few good things. A book, some honey, and we tried bee pollen and royal jelly for a while. First of all, the honey was delicious.You could buy it by the pint or quart. I guess that's how they were able to offer the treatments for free.

The room or garage where the therapy was given, was lined with jars of honey, bee pollen, and royal jelly. The bee pollen was supposed to give you strength and energy. We bought a few jars and thought it may have helped. If you have allergies, such as hay fever or ragweed, you should be cautious about this also.

Bee Pollen

We also learned about royal jelly. This is the food the bees reserve for the queen. She lives six times longer than the worker bees. How amazing is that? I would have liked to continue taking this supplement, but cost became an issue at the time. 

A cure??
The book was written by a woman who had MS. She wrote that she had cured her MS by changing her diet and adding a few supplements. Curing the Incurable - How to Use Your Body's Natural Self-Healing Ability to Overcome M.S. and Other Diseases by Jacque C. Rigg. It was published in 1999 by Hara Publishing.
Jacque writes that each of us is different. What makes you sick is unique to you. What she found was that certain foods caused her to become ill. She began keeping a food diary and found she was sensitive to these foods or had allergies to them. When she avoided these particular foods, she got better.
She divides foods into acids or proteins, alkalines or starches, and neutrals or fats, oils and veggies. According to her, food combining is a very important component of her diet.
Acids and alkalines should never be eaten at the same time. Neutrals can be eaten with either the acids or the alkalines. She gives a list of each type and recipes to go with each.
She also shares a little about her experiences with alternative treatments like bee venom therapy.

Experiment in eating

We occasionally eat according to her method and feel good when we do. Cir especially notices the difference. He sometimes has problems with indigestion and when eating this way, it's less of an issue for him.

So, even though bee venom therapy didn't work for Cir, we did learn about some things which have helped him. The experience was in some ways a success.

Do what works for you

It may just take keeping a diary of what you eat, drink, or do... whatever it takes. Figure out what works for you. It may take months to find out what doesn't work. And just as many to find out what does work. Patience is definitely something you will need a lot of.

Bee by Antonio Machado Flickr

Don't feel you have to continue with something that is obviously not working. You know your body. Only you know what you can handle. Weigh the pros and cons. You decide what's best for you.

You may be alone at first in the decision you make. Whether it's to go ahead with a treatment like this therapy, or not. But you have to live with the decision. Your family and friends will hopefully come around and respect that decision. 

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