Annette Funicello and Vince Smith

by Ted

Two great entertainers who were struck down by this disease. Annette Funicello will always be in my heart and Vince Smith the same for you. I listen to Annette's records all the time and Vince's CD's.

This is a fantastic page about the great Annette Funicello.


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Annette and Vince

by Tom S.
(Atlanta, GA.)

I agree with this whole page. It seems you can't get away from listening to these two great entertainers. I just always enjoyed their music.

God Bless you both. We should have more telethons for this dreadful disease they have. Take a listen on youtube to hear a lot of the songs Annette sang and the one's Vince recorded.


Hi Tom,
Thank you so much for your comments. Just thought I'd add a few of their videos here. Hope you like them!


and Vince:
(These are actually from Vince's own Youtube channel). You can subscribe to his channel or friend him there as well as listen to his videos.

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Vince Smith and Annette Funicello

by Teri
(Miami, FL.)

This page is great. When I search the internet I always find something on Vince Smith and Annette Funicello. It's almost like they were a team, but they weren't, just friends and they both suffer from this horrible disease MS.

God Bless Both of you.

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