Anne Renn

by Anne Renn
(Glendale CA 91209)

Dear Annette:
You are very courageous. My sister-in-law had
MS. It started out with limping infrequently, until she later went to hand crutches, then a wheelchair, and it progressed until the Good Lord took her to heaven, but she handled it very much like you and her close walk with God. There were times when she was very contempt in spirit just like Joni Erickson was, but with time one can accept it.

You continue to take life a day at a time. Take time to smell the roses. Enjoy the peace. God is there and we can not live by explanations. His word says to not lean on our own understanding; but instead focus on his promises.

I grew up watching you on TV and my lot of now homelessness and joblessness, I never thought would be something that I could endure, but it too has brought me closer to God. Watch Joel Osteen or Joyce Meyer and go to church when you can. It will encourage you on your journey.

Weeping may endure for the night, but Joy is in the morning.
Psalm 30

Take Care of Yourself,


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