An Inspiration to Me..

by Candace Harrison
(Detroit, Michigan, United States)

Married Then M.S.....

Married Then M.S.....

Montel my biggest symptom is dizzyness and it hasn't gone away... I've been dizzy since March of 2010 and was diagnosed with M.S. in August of 2010. I had just gotten married in Jan. of the same year and now it's March 2011 and I am still dizzy...

My job terminated me when they found out in August that I was diagnosed with M.S. so my husband is the only one working and it is Very rough, with all the medical bills, and other bills... Please, Please if you know of anyway that I can get rid of the dizziness so I can even exercise would you please help and let me know??

I was just reading about you and your M.S. and all the healthy drinks and how you were talking about the food. I am definitely going to try that, but because of the dizziness it is very hard for me to move around cause I am not stable...

Also, can you please help us financially about medical bills, due to the M.S.??? You are such an inspiration to me, I used to watch you all the time, and I didn't know you had M.S. at the time, then I heard through someone else. Now I have it, but it doesn't have me. I fight everyday to get better, which is very hard because of dizziness - just makes me want to sleep all the time. Please, if you can be of some help (we) would really appreciate it.


Candace Harrison

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