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Alternative Medical Cure for MS

by Nancy L Garrett
(Glen Burnie, Maryland)

Please let me know Mr. Williams gets this e-mail personally.

I just had to send you this some what of a secret that, I just found out about. The AMA and a lot of doctors are trying to sweep this information under the rug. It is this thing called “Hydrogen Peroxide”. There have been many studies about this product and its many amazing health benefits. It is an Alternative treatment for many health problems and if you do some research on your own, I promise you, you will be amazed.

I know you are stricken with that horrific disease, MS; and my heart goes out there for you. I know you are a strong man having to deal with this decease, and you are not letting it define you. Like I suggested do your own research about it. This product "Hydrogen Peroxide" may even cure you. I don’t know that for sure. But what I have read, it very well may do that.

There is the little brown bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide 3%, that you are probably aware of. It has many external uses. There is one method of getting it into your body, it is to, add it to your bath water and soaking in it, and letting your skin absorb it. However, they have warned you of drinking this type. There are claims there are other ingredients in it that might harm you.

Then there is the “Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 35%” which you can ingest into your body. What it basically does is, it floods your body with oxygen. If you ingest "Hydrogen Peroxide 35%" what it essentially does is it kills a multitude of deceased cells
and or cancer cells, because, of the oxygen. People are being cured of Cancer. For one cancer does not like oxygen. Regrettably, the medical community does not want you to be aware of this "Miracle" product. It is not patentable, and it is cheap.

Educate Yourself - Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide
(NOTE: Clicking link opens a new window).
However, there are doctors who are treating patients intravenously with “35% Hydrogen Peroxide” and they are having great success, people are being cured. Also, you can administer it yourself by diluting it in distilled water and use an eye dropper bottle and put drops in a drink.

I am afraid to say, the drug companies and other high profile medical groups, of our society don’t want this secret to get out. Unfortunately, It is all about the money. So "they" have initiated many web sites that try to disprove this alternative method of treatment and product. Fortunately, there is one book you might find very informative; “Hydrogen Peroxide Medical Miracle” by Dr. William Campbell Douglass. You can get the book. at amazon.com. You can also read some testimonals of people log on at Amazon.com. You can buy the Hydrogen peroxide 35% food grade at a local herb shop, it is called Dandelion Herb Shop, 604 Crain Highway S, Glen Burnie MD. 21061, (410) 768-8144.
Richard is the owner and has a wealth of information about herbs and alternative medicine.

I have nothing to gain by informing you about this product. I am just a 58 year old grandmother whose interests are alternative medicine and healing the disease’s without doing any harm.

Good Luck and God bless you and yours,

Nancy L. Garrett

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Feb 24, 2011
Thank You But Not a Link to Montel
by: Akrista

Hi Nancy,
If you read the entire page before adding your Alternative Medical Cure for MS, you will realize that we have no way of getting to Montel. We are just a site that gets a lot of letters to him and decided to post them here.

We have no way of knowing if he even reads them. On the slight possibility that he does, you are welcome to add your letters here - at your own risk. Please read our Disclaimer (opens a new window).

If you are a visitor and are reading this, please read the Disclaimer, as well. We do not endorse any posts as being true or something that you should try. Please do your own research before going out and buying something or accepting it as true.

In answer to your post, thank you for sharing what you have learned. We will definitely do some research about it. We've heard about using Hydrogen Peroxide as a "Green" disinfectant. It's better for the environment and thus better for you - less toxic.

You included a lot of information and we appreciate posts like this. They are valuable to our visitors and us as well. If you find any other healthy alternatives, don't hesitate to post again.

Thanks again,


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