A Positive Note

by John S
(Northridge, CA)

My mother had MS in her early 40s. She eventually became bedridden for years.

Her sister came to visit her, and asked, "How did you cope all these years!"

My mother replied, "I just don't think about it."

My mother lived until she was 77 years old and never complained. I do miss her. Never give up.


Hi John,
What a strong woman your mother was. Just from the little you said about her, it shows that she probably had a strong support group around her.

Living with multiple sclerosis is a mentally and physically challenging disease. The people who can endure a lifetime with it are some of the most enduring people I have ever come across or heard about.

I can see why you miss her and no doubt loved her very much. Annette Funicello's family and friends also support and love her just as much. I am sure that your mother and Annette's long lives are a testament to that fact, as well.

I don't believe anyone who has MS can or should live in solitude with this type of condition. My hope for all MSers is a strong support group of family and friends who make it possible for them to "not think about it".

Thanks so much for sharing,

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