50 years old!! Life changing

by Anonymous

I'm still a lot confused with symptoms and what to look for in a relapse. I'm off for an MRI on brain and spine and to compare them with last years.

I have numbness (on my) right side and chest. I struggle some days just to put undies on!! I would like to hear from people that just have day to day stuff, as lots of forums don't go there.

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Aug 16, 2015
by: Anonymous

Hi, I went to Dr for low back and left leg pain. He sent me to a neuro (neurologist). She did an exam, then sent me for MRI. Two weeks later I was dx.d with MS.

This was in 2010. I was 49 yrs old. Today I'm almost 52. I still have low back pain and pain down back of left leg and down to foot. I was on copaxone for 2 1/2 years. It did nothing for me so she took me off it. I'm confused. To other people with MS, tell me are you sure you have ms? I'm very confused.

Jul 24, 2015
50+ with MS
by: Akrista

Hi there,
Both my husband and I just had birthdays in our 50's and I must admit, there is a big difference in how I feel now to what I felt when I was 20. Cir also has weakness on his right side and deals with fatigue almost daily.

I notice, as his caregiver, that he needs a little more help as the years go by. We both seem to be slowing down little by little. And it's those little everyday things that seem to make the most difference in how you feel, I think.

It's hard to tell what things to attribute to MS and what things are a result of getting older. We both hope you are doing well and hope there's not too much change in your new MRI's as compared to the ones from last year.

That's one thing Cir's been blessed with - his MRI's or CT Scans have not changed very much in all the years (30+) he's had MS. That's a pretty good thing, I suppose. At least his doctor says so.

Take care,

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