19 years living with MS

by Claire Pennycook
(Melbourne )

The hopes and dreams for my life changed forever on that fateful day in May 1999 when I was diagnosed with MS. I can still hear the words the neurologist used "those white marks on your brain shouldn't be there".

It might be MS but just go ahead and don't alter you life. So that devil may care approach to life never really got to take flight as MS did in fact alter my life from that initial lightly put diagnosis.

The investment banker job I had worked so hard for was abruptly snatched from me as I was medically retired from my proudly won job at just 28. I hadn't done much else than just study and work hard so I wasn't well prepared to be pushed out into the world as a young retiree too sick to have children, yet no career.

Now 19 years later I have 3 beautiful boys, a new husband and am back living in Australia. It's been a very tough MS road but I've survived and would love to hear from others who have journeyed like I have.

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