Meet Jack Osbourne!

Meet Jack Osbourne, the 26 year old son of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne - stars of the famous reality TV show. He has just been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at an age which is in keeping with the norm for those with MS. As a new father, he was angry and frustrated to find out he has this potentially disabling condition at this time in his life.

In an interview with HELLO! Magazine (opens a new window), he said, “The timing was so bad.  I'd just had a baby, work was going great...I kept thinking: 'Why now?'”

Right after being told he had MS, he was angry and upset, but with the help of his fiance, Lisa Stelly, Jack Osbourne has changed this negative attitude into a more positive approach to living with the disease. In the same interview, Lisa tells HELLO!,

“Jack will have to change his life for the better – get healthier, not get stressed – so I feel like this could be almost a blessing in disguise”.

Common reaction

Jack's feelings about having MS are very similar to many who are suddenly hit with a diagnosis such as this, especially at such a young age. Anger and frustration are very common. Without supportive people in your life, these emotions can lead to depression. It is a wonderful thing to have a fiance and family who are behind him from the beginning.

Many MSers have to convince their friends and family members that they have MS, especially if it's invisible. What do I mean by that? Sometimes the symptoms of multiple sclerosis can be invisible, meaning that although they're felt by the person with MS, outwardly others can't see them readily.

MS symptoms like vertigo, weakness, numbness, fatigue, or MS hug, can't be seen on the outside, but can seriously change affect the lives of those experiencing them. Family and friends who don't know enough about the disease, will think that the Mser is just not trying hard enough. They may suggest that willpower is all that is needed to solve the problem.

A previously active person may begin staying at home more and not participating in events and get-to-gethers.

You look good, Jack Osbourne

“But you look so good”, is a comment that many with MS hear a lot. Looking good and feeling well are two different things. When family and friends take the time to learn about the disease along with their loved one, they can help when help is needed and most of all be supportive.

This is one of the most positive and helpful things for MSers. Not having to worry about what to tell, or whether or not to tell family and friends about their condition, can eliminate much of the stress associated with MS. And as we all know, stress is not good for you when you have MS. Learning that and how to manage it are half the battle when you first find out you have multiple sclerosis.

Right track

So Jack Osbourne, you are on the right track in managing your MS. Thanks to all of the positiveness in your life, your battle is half won. Take care and thanks for getting the word out about MS for the little people... 

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