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Downloading Songs

Hi! Fans, when you download any of my songs, all proceeds go to Life in spite of MS. Thanks alot for being a fan, I sure do appreciate it. Vince

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Want to help with MS research?

Hello, My name is Madeline and I work for a consumer insights agency based in Brooklyn, NY. We are currently conducting research about the MS caregiver

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19 years living with MS

The hopes and dreams for my life changed forever on that fateful day in May 1999 when I was diagnosed with MS. I can still hear the words the neurologist

Continue reading "19 years living with MS"

As a Spouse Caregiver

As a Spouse Caregiver of someone with MS, the time spent in this role can be overwhelming, as much as it is a blessing.

Continue reading "As a Spouse Caregiver"

MS brought out the Artist in me

Hello again! It's been a long time ... but I was one of your interviews (just saw myself on your page). You came up in my Google search ... so we meet

Continue reading "MS brought out the Artist in me"

LiSoMS Videos

All the LiSoMS Videos in one place! You can find them all right here. Cir's vlogs, yes, that's right - he's vlogging! Let us know how you like them.

Continue reading "LiSoMS Videos"

Thank you, Montel!

...You are a true inspiration to many of us. As for as whom will read this and respond I will thank you all. Hello, my name is Casey Raines, I have MS!

Continue reading "Thank you, Montel!"

Stem Cell Therapy 101

Stem Cell Therapy for MS, or SVF, is a treatment that many people wish they could get. The results have been very positive for those who are able to afford it.

Continue reading "Stem Cell Therapy 101"

MS Recipe

The MS Recipe - what exactly is it? For those who already use essential oils, you may already know. For those who don't, read on...

Continue reading "MS Recipe"

Canceling Forum Page

Hi all! Just wanted to let everyone know that we will be canceling the forum page. We have over 600 members, however, it is just too expensive to keep up without any participation.

Sooo, our solution to this is a new Network - which by the way is free! Click on the link and you'll be taken right there to join. Hopefully this will be better way to engage with one another.

So head on over and join now. The forum page will be closing soon.

Continue reading "Canceling Forum Page"

Desk of MS Mouse

MS Mouse would like to share her challenges with you, her fellow MSers. Here you will find blog posts especially for you.

Continue reading "Desk of MS Mouse"


A wheelchair is a fact of life for many MSers. Yet for some, it's something that they hope they'll never need.

Continue reading "Wheelchair"

The Snowflakes Disease - MS

MS is the Snowflakes Disease. Want to know why? You may already know. We just found out the reason a few weeks ago.

Continue reading "The Snowflakes Disease - MS"

Essential Oils for MS

Are there any essential oils for MS that can help alleviate the symptoms or even slow the progression of the disease? If so, what are they?

Continue reading "Essential Oils for MS"

Wheelchair Ramp

A wheelchair ramp is a must if you use a scooter, powerchair, or manual wheelchair. We tried living in one apartment without one and it was not fun.

Continue reading "Wheelchair Ramp"

Accessible Kitchen

An accessible kitchen is a must if you do most of the cooking and even if you don't, it's a necessary convenience.

Continue reading "Accessible Kitchen"

Cir's 4th Tysabri Update

Cir's 4th infusion of Tysabri went well. No video again - hopefully next time. Also, no adverse reactions and still on an uphill as far as feeling more

Continue reading "Cir's 4th Tysabri Update"

African Americans with MS Videos 3

More African Americans with MS Videos part 3. Here you'll find even more videos of people of color sharing their journey's with multiple sclerosis.

Continue reading "African Americans with MS Videos 3"

African Americans with MS Videos 2

More African Americans with MS Videos 2. Here you'll find more videos of MSers who share their experiences while living with this disease.

Continue reading "African Americans with MS Videos 2"

African Americans with MS Videos

Here are African Americans with MS videos. This page contains a host of videos by several African Americans from 14 and up. Enjoy!

Continue reading "African Americans with MS Videos"

MS in African Americans

The statistics about MS in African Americans may not be true. An article in Momentum, an MS magazine, shows how the myths about what we've long thought about who gets MS, may have been skewed.

Continue reading "MS in African Americans"

MS and Diabetes

MS and diabetes are both autoimmune diseases. If you have MS, you are more likely to develop other conditions as well.

Continue reading "MS and Diabetes"

Snapshots of MS Photo Album

Take a look at the Snapshots of MS Photo Album. It includes people like you, who have MS and have learned to live with it and persevere. It also includes memorial pictures of courageous MSers.

Continue reading "Snapshots of MS Photo Album"

Cir's 3rd Tysabri Update

Hi everyone! Cir had his third Tysabri infusion this past week. Our intention was to actually do a short video, however, that did not happen. I will try

Continue reading "Cir's 3rd Tysabri Update"

Expression through music

Hey there, I write for, play in, sing for, and manage, a local Nashville rock band. We're called Crack Mammoth. I have a hard time standing for more

Continue reading "Expression through music "

MS Jewelry Shop

Our MS Jewelry Shop is where you can find pins, bracelets, pendants, and more - jewelry with a multiple sclerosis theme.

Continue reading "MS Jewelry Shop"

A plea/question

Why can I not find a chat room? When I can't sleep because my hands are on fire, and I just want to rip my hair out, I would like to talk to somebody with

Continue reading "A plea/question"

Multiple Sclerosis an Enigma Book Review

Multiple Sclerosis an Enigma by Terry Crawford Palardy - a Book Review. A woman receives a diagnosis of MS much later in life. This is her story.

Continue reading "Multiple Sclerosis an Enigma Book Review"

Meet Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Meet Jamie-Lynn Sigler! Or maybe you already have, figuratively of course, as Meadow on the TV show Sopranos!

Continue reading "Meet Jamie-Lynn Sigler"

Respite Care for Caregivers

Respite care is something I didn't know was available for years as a caregiver. There are services that will allow you to have a break from your duties as a caregiver.

Continue reading "Respite Care for Caregivers"

Thank You, Montel

Thank you. I was diagnosed with Dystonia in 2001. Had to leave my job as a mechanical engineering designer. Became homeless. But your book gave me hope.

Continue reading "Thank You, Montel"

Tysabri Update

A Tysabri Update - If you've been coming to our site for awhile, you may have read that this medication was one that we didn't feel comfortable with. Well that's changed.

Continue reading "Tysabri Update"

LISOMS on Pinterest

LISOMS on Pinterest! Yes, you heard that right! I love Pinterest and have several boards there. So why not have one for Life in Spite of MS, too? Check it out!

Continue reading "LISOMS on Pinterest"

"I Fall"

I Fall One neurologist said it's M.S. A specialist said nope; it was when you were rear-ended. It doesn't matter, though, does it? Because I fall. I was

Continue reading ""I Fall""

Dear Mr. Montel

You are very fortunate to over come your MS. My husband is not. I see him going down hill everyday. Was diagnosed in 2000. Now early retirement and having

Continue reading "Dear Mr. Montel"

Has anyone tried this?

I read this article about MS and cryotherapy and have met someone with MS who swears by it. Has anyone here tried it? (Clicking the following link will

Continue reading "Has anyone tried this?"

New CD

I'm country singer Vince Smith. Watch for my MS commercial soon. My new cd is out. Vince Smiths Greatest Hits. Love you all, thanks for buying my cds and

Continue reading "New CD"

Near You

My new single is finished, when you purchase it the money goes to Life In Spite Of Ms.

Continue reading "Near You"

"Can someone help?"

Hi, I have been experiencing foot spasms (primarily at night though do happen during the day) for a few years. I have had radiating spasms in my forearms

Continue reading ""Can someone help?""

Funny MS

When you have Multiple Sclerosis, It is funny; You are not allowed to cry, Wipe those tears Back of your eyes will hurt Like you are getting blind Not

Continue reading "Funny MS"

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