Do you live
Life in Spite of your MS?

Here you will find a view from two perspectives:

  • Cir, the person with MS
  • And Akrista, his wife and caregiver

We sincerely hope you find this site informational as well as inspirational.

Most of you are looking for information about this puzzling disease, of course, but you want information from someone who understands what it’s like.

Someone who’s been there.

I'm sure you've probably visited many of the medical and pharmaceutical sites available online. These sites know the ins and outs of this progressive disease based on their scientific studies and trials. They want to convince you that their product is the best one for you. This is fine when you're deciding which therapy to use. 

But sometimes you, like us, want a little more.

Heart + Experience = Inspiration

  • We know what it’s like.
  • We can relate.
  • Because just like you,
  • We live with the reality.
  • Day after unpredictable day.

  • Whether you are newly diagnosed or have lived with this disease for several years, facing a life with it can feel so uncertain. 

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    Together we can create a place to help one another live

    Life in Spite of Multiple Sclerosis

    Akrista L'Bert, Basic Author

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