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We're not Montel Williams and Don't know him personally, but if you like, you can

write your letter or comment to him here:

Here is a place to write your Letters to Montel concerning multiple sclerosis. Even though we don't know him personally, we get many letters to him with questions or asking for advice, or just to thank him for being..., well, Montel. Cir & Akrista - owners of Life in Spite of MS

For some reason, visitors think that Cir is him. Cir does have a bald head like Montel, he has MS, like Montel, and he is African American, like Montel, but that is where the resemblance ends. We have also said repeatedly that he (Cir), is not Montel, but we still get letters either to thank him or for advice about MS.

Montel Williams Living Well

For this reason, we have decided to add this page where you can write your letters about MS, ask questions about MS, or just thank him for...., being Montel. Use the form below to add your letter. He was an inspiration to so many when his show was on the air. His books and videos help many, even those without MS.

Hopefully this page and the letters we write will get to him or someone who knows him personally. So, if you have a question about MS, by all means ask. Even if Montel doesn't answer, maybe someone else will have a suggestion or bit of advice that will help.

We will answer your questions about multiple sclerosis as best we can based on our experience. But please remember, we cannot get to Montel and we do not know him personally. We wish we did, but we don't. You can read more about him on these pages on our website and we've added a link to his page, as well - (it will open in a new window).

Would You Like to Write a Letter to Montel Williams?

We have been writing pages about Montel Williams since we started Life in Spite of MS. For some reason, many of you think that we know him personally. Unfortunately we do not.

We have decided to add this invitation so that you may write him here. Maybe, just maybe, someone who knows him will read it and let him know. Be as specific as you like. We will answer questions or make comments also, but hopefully the letters will get to Montel and maybe he will be able to help.

If you would like to write him a thank you letter, that's great too. He has been a great help and inspiration to many just by sharing his experience with MS on his show and in his books. So if you'd like, take the time to thank him. I know he will appreciate it.

What Other Visitors Have Written to Montel

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Why Won't Doctor Listen? 
Why do I have to kick and scream to get my doctor to listen? I have chronic daily pain because I have severe tmj with neuropathy thru out my face. And …

Living With MS 
I pray that all is well with you and your family when this letter arrives. I've been living with MS since 6.2.02 I don't have any medical insurance, …

Prayers in the Name of Jesus for you and your family. 
Dear Montel: I saw you on Dr. Oz and I felt your pain. I serve the Lord as an instrument of Laying On of Hands Healing. I offer this to you …

Healthy Smoothie Book 
First Name: Olly Gabrych E-mail Address: olliegab@yahoo.ca Question: Dear Mr. Williams, I was wondering if you could possibly send me …

Many Thanks Montel!!! 
Montel: Thank you for the inspiration that you are (not only to me) but to so many around the United States and around the world. As I approach my …

Alternative Medical Cure for MS 
Please let me know Mr. Williams gets this e-mail personally. I just had to send you this some what of a secret that, I just found out about. The AMA …

I have MS and I'm Scared 
I was diagnosed about 2 years ago. I was put on Copaxone, but it seems every time I inject I start having relapses and I get sick. When I stop injecting …

Son with MS 
I have a son with MS. I truly believe that he is in denial about the disease as I am constantly struggling with him to take his daily injection. When …

HELP OUR FAMILY!! Not rated yet
Go Fund Me Fundraiser for Rachel Schirripa Reply: This link is to a fundraiser for Rachel, which her friends/family have set up for her. She …

US Pain Foundation needs your help Not rated yet
Dear Mr. Williams Thank you for being a great inspiration. I am the founder and president of a national foundation helping people with pain. We are …

Fox News Not rated yet
I saw you on Fox News today and commend you for beings true American and sticking up for all vets.

Dear Mr. Williams, I have enjoyed your programs for years. I have had multiple sclerosis since 1980, and submitted a poem several years ago on your …

MONTEL/HELP ME! Not rated yet
Hello Montel, I am writing you because I love your show and I have MS.. I was a school teacher for the special needs population. When the doctor had …

Please help us get off the ground-I would be honored to have you be a part of this. We are registered with the Federal Government as a non-profit organization …

chronic pain for 10 years Not rated yet
Hi Montel, how are you I'm so happy for you by getting a good treatment so you don't have to take those drugs you used to take. My name is Gerda. I live …

MS Fundraising Event Not rated yet
Hosted by College Student I am writing to hopefully have your assistance in this event being it has affected you greatly as well. Personally it has …

INFORMATION FROM Dr Oz Show 7/24/12 Not rated yet
Montel, my daughter has MS and she's doing OK. I'm trying to keep up with the alternatives you have found for better health. You were on DR OZ show today …

Thank You, Montel Not rated yet
I previously used to tape your show everyday as I worked as a speech language pathologist. I went to college for 6 long years before discovering my 1st …

My Marriage is Failing... Not rated yet
...Since I Have Symptoms of MS Hi Montel, I want you to know you are an inspiration to us all. I have not had an official diagnosis of MS, but I …

My MS Challenge Not rated yet
Hi Montel! My name is Kim Williams and I live in Capitol Heights, Maryland. I wanted to share with you that I was also diagnosed with MS the same date …

VAPORIZERS Not rated yet
Dear Mr. Montel Williams, I loved your talk show and the work you have done and are doing, and applaud the courage it took to be on Oprah defending …

An Inspiration to Me.. Not rated yet
Montel my biggest symptom is dizzyness and it hasn't gone away... I've been dizzy since March of 2010 and was diagnosed with M.S. in August of 2010. …

Miss you, Montel Not rated yet
Montel, I have had MS for as long as you have, maybe a few years more. I have gone through every thing you have but like you I refuse to let MS beat …

MS in Black America...What is this Pill? Not rated yet
Hi Montel, I am an African American 30yr that was diagnosed with MS in 2008. I can remember as if it were yesterday. It began with me being at work …

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Hey Montel Not rated yet
Hi Montel, My name is Pam. I have MS and so does my mom. I am writing to you for help on how or where to go to get help for our living arrangements. …

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