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MS Caption Contest No. 2

MS Caption Contest No. 2 by Akrista (Life in Spite of MS) Here it is. The first MS Caption Contest cartoon. What does it say to you as an MSer? Can

Continue reading "MS Caption Contest No. 2"

Potty Mouth Book Review

Potty Mouth by Renae Clare is a book by a woman who "meets life's challenges with courage, wisdom and a profane sense of humor." You won't regret reading it.

Continue reading "Potty Mouth Book Review"

Play the MS Caption Contest!

Play the MS Caption Contest! Look at the cartoon. How does it relate to your MS? Answer the question - You know you have MS when...? Submit your caption. Vote to see who wins!

Continue reading "Play the MS Caption Contest!"

Answer to Dottie

An Answer to Dottie who asked a question and was never answered. Your question is very important and we'd still like to address it.

Continue reading "Answer to Dottie"

Primary Demyelination

After 2 years of being told by a Falls Clinic Doctor, I have had mini strokes 4 of them, without any scan proof My GP finally ordered a second MRI. I am

Continue reading "Primary Demyelination"

Home Modifications

I was diagnosed Nov 2012 and have quickly progressed to a wheelchair full time. We were not prepared for this and have no insurance. I have applied for

Continue reading "Home Modifications"

At Four A.M.

At four a.m., I lie awake; the world is still. The body is stiff, won’t toss or turn, my mind churns. Another day, legs still don’t work, hours to fill.

Continue reading "At Four A.M."

Communicating with others with MS

Is there a site where I can provide my email address and communicate with others? I was diagnosed with M.S. 5 years ago at the age of 39 after a very active

Continue reading "Communicating with others with MS"

Anti-inflammatory Diet and MS

Can an anti-inflammatory diet help with MS? Inflammation is your immune systems response to the things that irritate it.

Continue reading "Anti-inflammatory Diet and MS"


I used to LOVE running. Now I can barely walk. I used to LOVE going for drives. Now I have no license. I used to LOVE reading. Now I can barely see to

Continue reading "I USED TO"

Meet MS Mouse

MS Mouse is a little mouse with multiple sclerosis. What she wants most is to encourage everyone with MS, to make them laugh, and to help them know they can use laughter as medicine.

Continue reading "Meet MS Mouse"

The Wall of Fame

Welcome to the Wall of Fame! Here you'll find winners of our MS Caption Contest. Each one has entered their caption and been voted the best. Come join the fun!

Continue reading "The Wall of Fame"

MS Song - Which Song Helps You?

Which MS Song helps you get through the day? It may not be about MS, but it either remind you of something about MS or helps you deal with it better.

Continue reading "MS Song - Which Song Helps You?"

I Won't Give Up - My Fave

I know this is already shown above, but I really like this song. It helps me make it through my day. I had a rally bad exacerbation one day and landed

Continue reading "I Won't Give Up - My Fave"

MS Caption Contest No. 1

Here it is. The first MS Caption Contest cartoon. What does it say to you as an MSer? Can you finish the statement - You know you have MS when...? If

Continue reading "MS Caption Contest No. 1"


Go Fund Me Fundraiser for Rachel Schirripa Reply: This link is to a fundraiser for Rachel, which her friends/family have set up for her. She is an MSer,

Continue reading "HELP OUR FAMILY!!"

Meet Josh Harding!

Meet Josh Harding - a Canadian hockey player, who has MS. A goaltender for the Iowa Wild in the American Hockey League (AHL), Harding was diagnosed in October of 2012.

Continue reading "Meet Josh Harding!"

Trouble Swallowing

For the past year I find that I am having trouble with choking while eating or drinking things. Nothing in particular, never happens on a regular basis,

Continue reading "Trouble Swallowing"

Rise Above

I always loved to paint but never pursued it. I just dabbled here and there throughout the years. I was diagnosed with MS in 2003 and it was manageable

Continue reading "Rise Above"

Meet Dr Terry Wahls!

Meet Dr Terry Wahls! A doctor who used functional medicine to bring herself back from the affects of progressive MS.

Continue reading "Meet Dr Terry Wahls!"

Monster In Me

There is a MonSter in me That you cannot see It just won't let me be. This MonSters left many scars on my spine When you look at me I seem to shine But

Continue reading "Monster In Me "

Nerve Pain with MS

Nerve pain is difficult to explain to those who've never had it. It's difficult to understand any invisible symptom, however, I'll give it a shot - (no pun intended.)

Continue reading "Nerve Pain with MS"

Bee Sting Treatment

Have you ever been stung by a bee? Well I have and it's not fun, let me tell you. When Cir and I first heard about bee sting treatment we were a little skeptical to say the least....

Continue reading "Bee Sting Treatment"

MS Mouse 3 - 2015

MS Mouse 3 - 2015 ~ This is the 3rd installment of the MS. Mouse Series. Hope you like it!

Continue reading "MS Mouse 3 - 2015"

Meet Iman Ali!

Meet Iman Ali! A beautiful Pakistani actress and top model who also has MS. Read about her courage to speak out about multiple sclerosis.

Continue reading "Meet Iman Ali!"

The AIP Diet

The AIP Diet, or Autoimmune Protocol, has proven over and over that it can heal the body of many autoimmune illnesses by using food as medicine.

Continue reading "The AIP Diet"

LISOMS Bookshelf

The LISOMS Bookshelf - If you've been wishing for an easier way to read the pages on our site, well here it is! Each book is a compilation of our most popular pages

Continue reading "LISOMS Bookshelf"

End Stage Multiple Sclerosis

End Stage Multiple Sclerosis is just that - the stage MS progresses to towards the end of a persons life with MS.

Continue reading "End Stage Multiple Sclerosis"

Life Extension Supplements

I use Life Extension Supplements. I stay away from gluten, sugars, eat organic. I exercise, even though it is painful. I was diagnosed 5 years ago, but

Continue reading "Life Extension Supplements"

Stan's MS~Space

You've found Stan's MS~Space! Yes, that's right! Stan loves sharing with fellow MSers and his thoughts will always make your day brighter.

Continue reading "Stan's MS~Space"

Benign Multiple Sclerosis

What is Benign Multiple Sclerosis? Is it just a mild form of MS that some people have, or is it more complex than that? Find out more.

Continue reading "Benign Multiple Sclerosis"

MS Mouse 2 - 2015

MS Mouse 2 - 2015. It's February and I'm feeling all tingly. However, my doctor said it's a common MS symptom, go figure.

Continue reading "MS Mouse 2 - 2015"

Invisible Illness - MS

Explain an invisible illness like MS to a friend. I know. It's hard. "You look fine", they say. However, inside you are hoping you don't fall over while talking to them.

Continue reading "Invisible Illness - MS"

MRI Still the Same

Question: Hi, I was diagnosed 10 years ago with PPMS. 3 months ago I had another MRI and it hasn't changed. Do I have PPMS or is it a different one?

Continue reading "MRI Still the Same"

Webinar - Jan 2015

The National Disability Institute has released their schedule for the 2014 financial wellness webinar series for people living with multiple sclerosis.

Continue reading "Webinar - Jan 2015"

Older Onset MS?

Comment First: Thank you for your site. It's encouraging to me! I am 53 and may have MS. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia when I was 45. Now, symptoms

Continue reading "Older Onset MS?"

Vince J. Smith

Vince J. Smith, a long time friend of Annette Funicello, also suffered from MS. As a tribute to her, he wrote "My Annette", specially for her.

Continue reading "Vince J. Smith"

US Pain Foundation needs your help

Dear Mr. Williams Thank you for being a great inspiration. I am the founder and president of a national foundation helping people with pain. We are US

Continue reading "US Pain Foundation needs your help"

Instant Stay at Home Dad

I had a seizure that led me to get a brain MRI, a diagnosis of MS, and no driving for six months without a seizure. I have been building houses and remodeling

Continue reading "Instant Stay at Home Dad"


Oh, I have loved art since I was a child, but I didn't get to start truly exploring my love of art until after I was diagnosed with MS. My MS progressed

Continue reading "FOR THE LOVE OF DOING IT!"

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