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MRI Still the Same

Question: Hi, I was diagnosed 10 years ago with PPMS. 3 months ago I had another MRI and it hasn't changed. Do I have PPMS or is it a different one?

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Webinar - Jan 2015

The National Disability Institute has released their schedule for the 2014 financial wellness webinar series for people living with multiple sclerosis.

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Older Onset MS?

Comment First: Thank you for your site. It's encouraging to me! I am 53 and may have MS. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia when I was 45. Now, symptoms

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Vince J. Smith

Vince J. Smith, a long time friend of Annette Funicello, also suffered from MS. As a tribute to her, he wrote "My Annette", specially for her.

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US Pain Foundation needs your help

Dear Mr. Williams Thank you for being a great inspiration. I am the founder and president of a national foundation helping people with pain. We are US

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Instant Stay at Home Dad

I had a seizure that led me to get a brain MRI, a diagnosis of MS, and no driving for six months without a seizure. I have been building houses and remodeling

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Oh, I have loved art since I was a child, but I didn't get to start truly exploring my love of art until after I was diagnosed with MS. My MS progressed

Continue reading "FOR THE LOVE OF DOING IT!"

My (Almost 2 Year) Journey with MS

While I initially thought the numbness on the entire left side of my face was a symptom of recent disc problems in my neck, I contacted my Physiotherapist.

Continue reading "My (Almost 2 Year) Journey with MS"

My Dance

Everyday is a new dance with my invisible partner MS. Sometimes we flow like the white rapids and others like a hurricane. Waking is for sure the

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The MS in Me

The MS In Me: My life is crazy with MS thinking it owns me. It is like a bad dream cause it cannot be seen for its invisibility. You cannot see this is

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But its Not You!

But it's not you, I hear him say, it's my MS and it won't go away. Yes our daughter has it too... for it is us, it is not you. How do I say I am crumbling

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Fraser Robinson III

Question:What year was Michelle Obama's father buried? Reply: Most public records say that he died in 1991 on March 6th. I am pretty sure that is when

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Lost White Blobs in Brain in MS

QuestionHi. I am Tina, 27 from Iran, I have MS. Please answer my question. May I lost white blobs in brain in MS???????? Thank u Reply: Hi Tina, The

Continue reading "Lost White Blobs in Brain in MS"


I wake up, determined to realize the potential of today. To see my children off to school with a kiss. To make a hot breakfast for my little daughter.

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Fox News

I saw you on Fox News today and commend you for beings true American and sticking up for all vets.

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Challenges of Love

Challenges of Love: Book 1, A Contemporary Romance Novella about two people who face challenges, in this case MS and blindness, yet still fall in love.

Continue reading "Challenges of Love"

She is Beautiful

She is beautiful She is beautiful, My gentle, caring girl, She comes out of her home, And comes to sit next to me in my car, Hat on, gloves on, And

Continue reading " She is Beautiful"

When Life Gives You Challenges

When Life Gives You Challenges, Write a Poem - Books 1 & 2, are now available on Amazon! The poetry from our site has now been compiled into an ebook for your reading pleasure. Get your copy today!

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When Life Gives You Challenges Write a Poem

New eBooks!
We finally did it! All of the poems on our poetry page are now in ebook form - When Life Gives You Challenges, Write a Poem: Books 1 & 2 are available now. Get your copies today! The first introductory Free Promo Day is February 7th. After you get your copies, tell your family and friends about them, as well.

And leave a review to get the word out to others who will benefit from these inspirational ebooks. Poems by MSers for MSers and the People Who Love Them.

Home Modifications

I was diagnosed Nov 2012 and have quickly progressed to a wheelchair full time. We were not prepared for this and have no insurance. I have applied for

Continue reading "Home Modifications"

Primary Demyelination

After 2 years of being told by a Falls Clinic Doctor, I have had mini strokes 4 of them, without any scan proof My GP finally ordered a second MRI. I am

Continue reading "Primary Demyelination"

People with Diabetes(type 1) and MS.

I am glad to hear there are other people who have both Diabetes (type 1) and MS. Q: I would like to know how other Diabetics are dealing with both of

Continue reading "People with Diabetes(type 1) and MS."

my thoughts of ms

Started over 10 yrs ago. Numbness, tingling, walking funny. Now thanks to lesions in spine, I am wheelchair bound, left leg paralyzed, cant walk or stand.

Continue reading "my thoughts of ms"


Dear Mr. Williams, I have enjoyed your programs for years. I have had multiple sclerosis since 1980, and submitted a poem several years ago on your

Continue reading " AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A NOBODY."

Donation from Vince Smith

Annette Funicello touched so many during her lifetime. It's hard to see her life end. Even so, she will always be with us in our memories and in our hearts. This brave and beautiful woman will never be forgotten.

Annette Funicello's long time friend, Vince Smith, would like to honor her memory by offering his new single, "Love Me Tender" to all those who loved her as much as he did. He will donate all proceeds to Life in Spite of MS. We thank you, Vince, for your generous donation.

We love you, Annette!!

(NOTE: The link below will take you to Vince's page on Reverbnation, where you can also listen to and purchase his songs. Use your back button to return to this page.)

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Wasted time and Wasted tears Where has the time gone? I didn't realize I was just letting my life pass me by I realize now that I let precious time get

Continue reading "Wasted"

Family Support!!

My name is Melissa, I was diagnosed with RRMS.I was 9 yrs old when I was diagnosed I am now 34 with 3 children and it seems to be catchin' up with me!!

Continue reading "Family Support!!"


Yes I have had MS now for about 14 years and have had many stays at the hospital, been told I was crazy and nothing wrong with me, but then a neurologist

Continue reading "Grandma"

RRMS initial diagnosis

I've heard that everyone is first diagnosed with RRMS. I understand little about MS, and I believe it baffles even the experts at times. MY question is,

Continue reading "RRMS initial diagnosis"

New relationship/new diagnosis

Although I had been experiencing symptoms for years prior, I was diagnosed with MS on August 28th, 2012. It had been one week more than a year since deciding

Continue reading "New relationship/new diagnosis"

Third Annual Financial Wellness Webinar Series for People Living with Multiple Sclerosis

On July 17, 2013, National Disability Institute will launch a new series of six free national webinars designed to help people living with multiple sclerosis

Continue reading "Third Annual Financial Wellness Webinar Series for People Living with Multiple Sclerosis"

MyMSTeam - MyHealthTeams

MyMSTeam is the fastest growing social network where thousands of people with multiple sclerosis have joined to connect with others who understand what

Continue reading "MyMSTeam - MyHealthTeams"


M.S. You say That in the London fog you lose your way. That you will not go again But you know nothing of how lost I often feel, in the darkness

Continue reading " M.S."

Kristie Salerno Kent Memoir

Kristie Salerno Kent has written a memoir entitled "Dreams: My Journey with Multiple Sclerosis". She is a singer and songwriter who has faced the challenges of MS with the support of her husband.

Continue reading "Kristie Salerno Kent Memoir"

MS World Day 2013 - Happy Anniversary!

World MS Day 2013

May 29th - World MS Day is here! I've been so busy and also helping Cir with some MS issues, that it nearly passed us by without at least a comment.

I hope everyone has found their way to the website (link above will open in a new window) to add their motto. If you haven't, I believe there's still time. If you don't make it, it will at least be fun and inspirational to read those that are already on the website.

Awareness of MS is such a crucial piece of the puzzle to solving this enigma of a disease. It's amazing to me when I meet someone who has no idea what it is or they get it mixed up with something like muscular dystrophy.

Because I've lived with it as Cir's caregiver for most of my adult life, it is constantly on my mind and something I deal with daily. Cir is actually going through it and I watch as it eats at him day in and day out, sometimes to the point of being close to giving up.

Fortunately, he loves life so much that that point rarely comes about. I admire him so much for his love of life, his determination, his strength, and bravery. Today marks the eve of our anniversary, so is a special day for us as well. We have lived for 31 years with this third part(ner) in our marriage.

At its worst, it has never been an issue that pulled us apart. In spite of it, we have grown closer, stronger, and more deeply in love than ever before. If I could bear at least half of the burden of living with MS, I would, just to see the relief that would bring to him.

Instead, I will stand with him, support him, love him, and care for him, for as long as we have together - hopefully another 31 years.

Happy Anniversary my love and Happy World MS Day everyone!

Moms With MS Community

Kristin Bennett Mom's With MS is a private community made for moms and moms to be who are diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, to discuss

Continue reading "Moms With MS Community"

A Short Walk

Basking in the sunlight, watching people at Walnut Beach. Children running here and there, laughing, screaming, inventing games, accusing each other

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MS Challenge Walk- San Diego, Sept 2013

Hi Everyone! With hopes and prayers I am going to attempt the Challenge Walk, which is a 50 mile, 3-day walk for MS in September of this year (2013).

Continue reading "MS Challenge Walk- San Diego, Sept 2013"

Father and Son with MS

I'm 43 and have primary progressive multiple sclerosis. I was diagnosed about 4 years ago. 2 years before me being diagnosed, my son, who at the time was

Continue reading "Father and Son with MS"

The Anonymous MS Page

The Anonymous MS Page is where you can go to vent about MS. Don't worry that someone will wonder; "why did he say such a thing"? or "she really shouldn't think that way". Say what you like.

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