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Name: Bree - D. L. Dailey in CA
How long with MS: 16 years
Year DX: Diagnosed in 1995
Type of MS: Relapsing/remitting

About Bree:

[My Story]

I am the eternal optimist! After having problems walking, swallowing (in which I would nearly choke to death), breathing (where I almost died several times, especially during sleep), lack of appetite for weeks at a time, vision problems, and now lately, hearing problems -- all of these things are neuro-muscular. Your diaphragm which controls your breathing and is muscular, is innervated by nerves, pharynx is muscles, etc.

The doctors missed classic symptoms...

I am doing quite well, the only problem that I am experiencing now is a slight problem with my right ear.

My motto daily is, "This too shall pass!"

I follow a very low fat diet -- actually eat only healthy fats like flaxseed oil, olive oil, avocado oil...

I am a vegetarian.

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