Happy Holidays

We wish you Happy Holidays! From our house to yours, we wish you and your family all the best during this holiday season. We know first hand how the holidays can be. With extra shopping, special dinners, parties, and visitors; the holidays are a recipe for stress.

With much of the preparations for Christmas, Hanuka, and Kwanzaa, either behind many of us or close to being completed, one of the biggest days of the holiday season is still to come. The New Years celebration brings another round of special events.

Cir and I don't usually do anything big for New Years Eve. We stay up late and give each other a big kiss when we hear the fireworks begin. And we've been "empty nesters" for several years now and we kind of enjoy the solitude. We love it when our children and grandchildren come to visit, as well.

Our youngest is now an "adult" in his mid 20's, so he's still feeling out his wings in a new city and state. He's formed a new circle of family and friends and is making new traditions away from his immediate family, which is all good.

Happy Holidays in spite of your MS

If you usually celebrate the holidays in the traditional ways, and you have MS, just remember to take time to rest. Stress and MS do not go together if you haven't already figured this out.

Hopefully family members will understand and take over some of the duties you usually do. If not, learn to pace yourself. Listen to your body. Take rests when you feel fatigue coming on.

And sometimes you may have to just say no. Not this time. There will always be another time to celebrate. Another event will come along. Or just postpone the celebration for when you feel more able.

Again, we wish you Happy Holidays. May the year to come bring many happy and prosperous days. Hopefully one of the treatments or discoveries found this year will lead to a cure for MS in 2012.

Cir and Akrista

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