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We know that having MS chat rooms available can mean the difference between staring at four walls all day or living in almost total isolation for many. We know this because for Cir they have been a godsend.

Here is a Chat Room by Chatwing. If you want to meet others, try posting a time when you will be online - (see world clock below). Please contact us if you have any questions or problems.

Also, here is a clock to help with setting up meeting times. Perhaps if you add a time when you'll be on the chat room, others may be able to show up. Just post a time when you'll be online and check back to see if others are there. Hope this helps.

And a link to more times around the world.Click here to find out a few other times to see when you can meet others. (Will open in a new window)

See Times When Other Visitors Will Be Here

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Cir is a very social person and spent the majority of his work life talking to people. As a sales associate, his job was to talk to people about the products he was selling.

A blessing in disguise

He went from one day being an active member in the workforce to having nothing to do for the entire day. Thankfully one of his sales positions had been in electronics. Way before he stopped working, we had been introduced to computers and the internet.

He learned the ins and outs of the internet and from an early age our children have had this technology in their lives. I jumped in with both feet and eventually learned how to use the computer to make a little extra money on Ebay.

It's a small world...

The internet has linked us all in such a way that we are no longer isolated from the world. Through the internet, the world has become a smaller place. A place where people who in years past would have never known one another.

The chat room and specifically the MS chat room, is a place where people like you with a disability can find others like yourselves. A place where you can share tips on how you cope, the medicines you take, and how you live in spite of your MS.

In an MS chat room you can choose to meet daily or as often as you are able. But the best thing about them, is the fact that you have somewhere to go. Even if it is on-line.

Let's try this chat room for a while and see if it works for you. If not, we can always try something else. Let me know if you like it or not. Please realize this is not an MS only chat room. You can however tell your friends about it and they can meet you here.

Out and bed-bound

Even if you are bed-bound, you can still meet your friends. Computers have become more accessible with voice recognition software and the ability to make the words as big as you need them to be.

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(If you need these words bigger, press Ctrl and the + sign at the same time until you are able to see the words on the screen clearly).

For those who still want to work, but work outside the home is not possible because of MS, computers are the perfect solution. An MS chat room is a good place to start, by finding out what others are doing.

Because we have not yet set up a chat room for Life in Spite of MS, I will give you a list of some very good chat rooms here. Cir is a moderator for one and helped start another, which he has since stepped down from a management position.

We urge you to try one of these chat rooms. Join and participate. When you find a good fit, make friends. You don't need to live in isolation if you aren't able to move about like you did in the past.

If you read to the bottom, here's the list again. Enjoy!

MS Chat Rooms

People With MS

Jooley's Joint
This one has been around for a long time.

MS World
This one has also been around for quite awhile.

Matters of the MS Body
Cir helped start this one a few years ago, when they started on MSN. A really great group of people.

The Link for Life in Spite of MS is our own social network. We don't have a chat room, but we have a message board and lots of other ways to meet other people with MS.

Friends with MS
A great website with, not only a chat room, but MS info as well. Thanks for the link, Terry.

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People With MS

Jooly's Joint
This one has been around for a long time.

MS World
This one has also been around for quite awhile

Friends with MS.

The Link for Life in Spite of MS is our own social network.

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