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The Accessible Home Bathroom Safety

The bathroom is one place where many accidents happen whether you have mobility issues or not. When you have balance problems, it is especially dangerous. There are many ways to make your bathroom safer. The following is a list of modifications you can make or ways you can construct your bathroom if you are building a new home.

  • grab bars
  • toilet seat – elevated
  • three-in-one commode
  • shower chair with or without transfer
  • handheld shower head
  • faucets and faucet placement
  • roll-in shower
  • walk-in bathtub
  • tub or shower safety grips
  • open cabinet under sink
  • Hoyer lift

As you can see, the bathroom can be built or modified to make life easier for you if you have mobility problems with your MS. By thinking of all the activities you need to do while in the bathroom, you can anticipate what may or, hopefully, may not happen.

If you are building, then it's so much easier to add things in the design stage rather than having to modify it later. Of course you won't add a lift when you don't need one. But most things like grab bars, a handheld shower head, or a shower chair are easily added and useable by all. And you may not need everything right now anyway. Knowing they are available to you, can make all the difference.

Here are a few videos to show what's available when it comes to accessible bathrooms. Whether you are adapting a traditional bathroom, like the first video, or building from scratch; there's always a way to make your bathroom more accessible and safe.

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