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When you hear about walkers, what do you think of? I'm not sure about you, but they always bring to mind older people.You know, your grandmother or grandfather slowly making their way down the hallway. And their mobility aid always has those little green tennis balls on the ends of the legs so they slide better.

So, it's no wonder that you may be a little reluctant to make that step to using one, no matter how necessary.

Don't be embarrassed to use your walkers

When Cir began using a one, I think he was a little embarrassed. He tried using two canes for awhile, but they didn't provide enough stability. His balance problems were too extensive to eliminate the chance of falling. By using one and later on a rollator, he had more control and there was less of a chance that he might fall.

They usually all look the same, aluminum and grey. Some have wheels on the front two legs and none on the back. They are adjustable to your height and a physical therapist will do an evaluation and show you the correct height to place it. They will also show you how to stand, sit, and walk correctly while using it.

The whole idea behind using this mobility aid is to keep you from falling and help you to conserve energy as you walk short distances. When Cir first started using one, he was able to go short distances much more efficiently and safely. Right now he has several mobility aides and depending on the situation, he swithches between them. Sometimes he has more energy and the distance we're going won't be very far. In those cases, this little aid is perfect.

He also uses it when he wants to get more exercise. Riding in a wheelchair or scooter all day doesn't give him much exercise. Using one of these or his rollator gets his heart rate going and exercises his legs and arms. He usually uses it at least once or twice a day or to get from the house to the car – we usually keep his scooter in the trunk. That was it's always ready when we go out should he need it.

Any type of mobility aid, as long as it works to do one of the following:

  • conserves energy
  • keeps you from falling
  • provides a little exercise

will be right for you. You need to use something when balance problems are an issue. 

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