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Our purpose here at Life in Spite of MS is to always over-deliver when it comes to information and not to overwhelm you with product pages. When we find something that we feel would be of genuine interest to you, or something that we genuinely love, you will find it here.

So take a look through the list and click away (or not). And check back often to see if there's anything new that's been added or something you missed the first time.

Thanks for looking and checking them out! If you don't love it as much as we do, that's fine. We'd still like to know anyway. Use the form below to make a comment or recommend a product, website, or blog of your own.


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Here's a list of websites we recommend. Check them out. (Each of these links will open a new window).

Want to know How to Reverse Multiple Sclerosis - NOW? Click Here!

Click Here to Read Val Moffet's story of how she overcame MS - "My Story: One Woman's Journey"

Dr. Mercola's Total Health Breakthrough
Dr. Joseph Mercola's complete guide to weight loss, preventing disease and premature aging, and living healthy and longer!

Treat Leaky Gut Syndrome and Re-Discover Your Health.
Leaky Gut Syndrome is the one condition that is responsible for a multitude of debilitating diseases. Understanding this common condition is the key to total health and well-being. Read how I keep MS condition totally under control.

Meals That Heal Inflammation
A Nutrition Based Practical Guide to Relieving Inflammation Rooted Disorders such as Arthritis, Asthma, Heart Disease, Ibs, Acne, MS, and other health issues. By Julie Daniluk, Registered Holistic Nutritionist.
Offering The Complete Health Guide To Self Healing, Shows You How To Treat Any Disease, With Herbs, Herbal.

Healing Gourmet
Presents Your Plate, Your Fate. A revolutionary recipe for lifelong health & effortless weight loss!

10 Step Detox Program By Dr. Janet Hull
Detoxification Program For: Body Toxins, Heavy Metals, Mercury, And Food Chemicals!

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